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Image by Noelle Rebekah

Do Research With Us.

Calling all Dogs, Cats, & those who love them.

Here at EpiPaws we are asking game-changing questions. But we can't answer them without your help. We are currently seeking research participants for our cutting-edge health biomarker research. We hope to develop health monitoring tools that pet owners can use from home. Participating in research is just as easy as the tools we want to create, you can do it from home. 

How it works

First step, click below to register your pet. You'll answer a series of questions about yourself and your pet (~5min). If you have multiple pets you would like to have participate in the study, simply do the survey again to input another pet. After the survey, if you did not have your pet swabbed in person, we will reach out to you when we need a sample for a specific part of the study. This will likely be a mouth swab and we will send it to your door. Follow the instructions to collect your pet's DNA and then send it back to us. It's that easy.

  • Know that you're making a difference for pets all over the world.

  • Be the first to learn about the cool discoveries we make.

  • Get free insights from the study as a participant. 

  • Get discounts on all our future products.

  • MORE benefits coming soon, subscribe below to get updates on new benefits.

What our research is all about.

We want to monitor dog and cat health using a mouth swab. We propose to do this using epigenetic biomarkers. These markers can be used to accurately estimate age but can also tell us about the health status of an animal. We plan to study environment and disease factors to find out just how much we can learn from epigenetic marks in a mouth swab. Like identifying the development of cancer, diabetes, or kidney disease. The earlier we become aware of disease, the sooner interventions and treatments can start and produce better outcomes.


Research Collaborators wanted.

Pets and pet parents don't get to have all the fun. EpiPaws is open and looking for research collaborations with academics, veterinarians, and other pet industry companies. We would love to collaborate. Please reach out and let's brain storm. Please reach out to to discuss synergies. 

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