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Welcome to EpiPaws!

Epigenetic Biomarkers for Proactive Pet Healthcare

Hi! We are EpiPaws an epigenetic Biomarker company for pets. What is epigenetics you say? It's the next generation of healthcare for your fur-baby! Epigenetic markers are molecules that interact with your DNA sequence and can tell us all kinds of things related to an individual's health.

Similar to genetic testing that tests for diseases related to mutations and gene variants, another way to look at DNA and catch disease and health issues is by looking at epigenetic markers. We are still in the early stages of research and development in this regard and we could use your pets DNA to further this research! Please check out our research page and sign up your pet to participate. Feel free to email us any questions at

How Old Is My Cat?

Age estimation kit coming soon

Do you know the age of your cat? If the answer is no, we've got a solution for you! Using the power of epigenetic biomarkers, this simple DNA test is more accurate than a vet looking at your pet's teeth.

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