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Welcome to EpiPaws!

Epigenetic Biomarkers for Proactive Pet Healthcare

Hi! We are EpiPaws an epigenetic Biomarker company for pets. What is epigenetics you say? It's the next generation of healthcare for your fur-baby! Epigenetic markers are molecules that interact with your DNA sequence and can tell us all kinds of things related to an individual's health.

Epigenetics can help us estimate age, improve how and what we decide to feed our pets, and catch disease and health issues. We are currently enrolling pets to help us with this research which lets you learn cool new things about your pet! Please check out our research page and sign up your pet to participate. Feel free to email us any questions at


Now taking pre-orders for the Cat Age Estimation TEST! Now you can stop guessing how many candles to put on the cat-friendly cake!

Coming soon: Dog Age Estimation Test- help us out and let us know your interested in this test here

How Old Is My Cat?

NOW taking pre-orders!!!

Do you know the age of your cat? If the answer is no, we've got a solution for you! Using the power of epigenetic biomarkers we can accurately and painlessly estimate your pet's age using a mouth swab of DNA.

We haven't officially launched yet, but if you pre-order now, you can lock in the special discount price of $95 (regular retail $115). Pre-order now, pay later, cancel anytime. Click below to get more details and sign up.

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For other animals

Don't need to estimate the age of your cat but have a different animal that you would like to estimate the age of?

We are working to provide age estimation tests for all animals but would love to hear what your specific needs are. Please take our survey so we know which animal age tests are most needed.