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Do you know how old your cat is? Not all pet owners have the luxury of knowing their kitty's birthday. This new cutting edge biomarker technology will help you find out how many candles to put on your cat's b-day cake this year.

How do we do it? This test is done from a mouth swab sample from your pet. No pain is involved and you don't have to visit the vet to get this done, we will send the swab directly to you. 

We are taking a limited number of pre-orders, so fill out the form below to reserve your test kit today!


Reserve now, pay later. Cancel anytime. 


Please Click the Blue Button to access the pre-order form and reserve your cat-age estimation test kit today. 


Check our FAQs section

Still need help?

 email us at

Pay Later and Save $20 when you


Price:    $115   $95   


When will the age test actually become available? 

Our launch date is September 12th, 2022. We hope to do a pre-launch with our pre-order customers a month or so before. Currently we are setting up our lab, shipping logistics, and assembling an awesome team to help process the orders. 

What is the point of pre-ordering?

When you pre-order, we get to know how many kits to manufacture. As a new company this means a lot to us and helps us make sure we have enough kits for customers wanting to purchase this test. To thank you for pre-ordering, we're offering $20 off the retail price of the test making it only $95. 

Will you be offering age tests for other animals?

YES! We plan to offer age tests for dogs, horses, and birds over the next year. If you are interested in one of these other animal age tests, or an age test for a different animal not listed, please fill out this survey to help us track interest for different age tests. 

After I pre-order, when will I have to pay and how?

Before we ship any kits, we will contact you at the email address you provided to direct you on how to pay for your test. After you pay, we ship your test kit and we will get this party started.

After I pay how long will it take to get my kit?

Usually it takes about a week. However, this can vary by location and ultimately relies upon the mail Currier. 

Once I mail my swab back, how long until I get my results?

This can take up to 6 weeks from when we receive the swab depending on demand. 

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