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EpiPaws Pet Age Test

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How it Works

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Age is more than a number.


When you learn your pet's approximate birthday you'll also get information specific to your pet's life stage on topics including:

  • Nutrition

  • Activity & Exercise

  • Behavior

  • Proactive Health Tips

  • Wellness insights

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Image by Lennon Cheng

Epigenetics is the study of molecules and mechanisms that influence the expression of genes without changing the DNA sequence. One of these molecules is DNA methylation- the addition of a methyl group to the DNA sequence. At certain areas of the genome, the amount of DNA methylation present changes with age in a predictable manner, thereby allowing us to use it to estimate age with a lot of accuracy. This is exactly what we use to estimate your pet's age.


For more info on epigenetics and DNA methylation we recommend these articles:

  "What is epigenetics?"

"Epigenetics 101: a beginners guide to explaining everything"

Easy and accurate at home mouth swab age estimation for dogs and cats. 

what is epigenetics?

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Want to sell age tests at your organization?

Whole sale prices available for vets, shelters, rescues and pet retail. Please fill out this form and someone will reach out to give you a quote for whole sale. 

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